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Lenhoff Handyman is proud to offer snow removal service in Lincoln Nebraska. To get a snow removal quote, fill out the form below. As you add information about your property our form will calculate an estimated total on the bottom.

Thanks for your interest. We will contact you regarding your request. Or you may call us at 261-4825 or 416-0170

Contact Information:
Property Information:
Number of Driveways-
Single Stall ($28.00)
Double Stall ($34.00)
Triple Stall ($38.00)
Corner Lot ($5.00) Porches over 6x6 ($7.00)
Deck (Call For Quote 416-0170) 2nd Single Stall (15.00)
1-3 inches of snow standard quote amount per visit charge.
4"+ is an additional $2.00 per inch up to 12" 13+ inches is an additional $1.00 per inch
If you live in the Stone Bridge Creek neighborhood (SAVE -8.00)
This is an application only and is subject to approval. This is a full time service only.  If you or someone other than Lenhoff Handyman removes the snow, you will still be billed  for that removal. Payments will be received by credit/debit cards only for the snow removal service unless authorized by Lenhoff Handyman Inc.

Uncheck the box if you would not like to receive our email newsletter, information or promotions. Your privacy is very important to us, we will never sell or give out your email address.
REQUIRED-YOU MUST CHECK THE BOX stating you understand and have read the following disclaimer regarding how your property will be charge for snow fall: Due to blowing and drifting snow, price will be based on the accumulation on homeowners property, not the city snowfall average.
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